Welcome to TrapDoors official new website! Our new website is more usuer friendly and includes images and easier navigation to help you get a feel of what TrapDoor does and what we are like!

Here at trapdoor we offer a variety of different activities that come under the subheading of performing arts, thing such as dance, acting and examinations are all available to our students and the examinations allow candidates to continue a career path in performing arts or dance. We list all of our services on our new website and we hope you will take a look as there is much to offer, TrapDoor is a qualified performing arts group that was created to bring people with the passion for performing arts together and to pass our extensive knowledge down to our students who aspire to pursue a career path in this area of activity.

Take a look at some of our services and some of the high end and standard auditions and roles that our hard working students have taken part in! Feel free to have a browse through our new website and please contact us here at TrapDoor if you have any queries or questions.

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